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      Weil Schmerz uns alle beschäftigt: „Explain Pain“
      Free invitation !
      To everybody, who is interested in the SPINE an PAIN !
      Saturday 20th November 2021: Second session of SPINE TO GO !!!
      09:00 to 12:30 UTC+2 (Berlin time)
      Topic: „Explain Pain“
      Speakers: Prof. Markus Quante (Germany), Prof. Thomas Graven-Nielsen (Denmark), Prof. Thomas Tölle (Germany), Prof. Rolf-Detlef Treede (Germany), Prof. Lorimer Moseley (Australia), Prof. Michael Nicholas (Australia), Prof. Esther Pogatzki-Zahn (Germany)

      We are happy to present to you the final program of our new, independent, international, live, online, free of charge, non-profit education courses in the format of SPINE TO GO ( (Instagram: prof_schulte). Easy and free registration on our homepage.

      You can find the flyer for the complete next year below and on our homepage. Every 3 months we offer an online top event in the field of the SPINE.
      As SPINE TO GO is completely non-profit and independent, free of charge for all participants and based on honorary contributions of our top speakers, we have no marketing budget. Therefore, SPINE TO GO depends on mouth-to-mouth distribution.

      We would be pleased, if you could spread the word about SPINE TO GO and distribute and share the flyer among friends and colleagues all over the world!

      The goal is to address SPINE professionals, surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists, pain specialists, physician assistants, simply everybody who is interested in the SPINE – worldwide – to offer free of charge top events with top speakers from all over the world.

      Best regards from Bochum, Germany!

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