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    Dear fellow students,
    With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are living global health history. Many of us are deeply engaged with and affected by the pandemic in one or the other way, and we struggle with understanding what is happening and how to respond. At the same time, the pandemic raises important questions for the future of global health, about equity, sustainable development, and the pledge “to leave no one behind”.
    The World Health Organization is in charge of coordinating the global response, in a difficult political context and faced with multiple – and often conflictive – expectations and demands. The goal of this series of interactive webinars is to take a step back and apply a historical lens on what has been happening since the day when the first news on an “unknown lung disease” arrived from China on new year’s eve 2019 – less than a year ago! It’s about understanding the history of the last months. It’s about reflecting on what happened and talking about the future of global health and international cooperation in health.
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    Offene Fachschaft Medizin Freiburg
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    What is the situation of global health today, in the midst of the pandemic? What are the lessons to be learned, considering both the legacies of the past (e.g. colonialism, neoliberalism and the controversial history of „Primary Health Care“ 1978), the historical context of today (incl. revival of nationalism and authoritarianism, severe global inequalities), and pressing challenges for the future (e.g. climate change and global migration).

    High level speaker from WHO, academia and civil society will engage in conversations with students and junior health professionals from Germany, UK, Mexico, Lebanon, Malawi, Ireland and the international audience.

    The series will start on Thursday, November 19, 2020, with Dr Bernhard Schwartländer, Chef de Cabinet, WHO Geneva. Dr Schwartländer looks forward to engage in a conversation regarding “The WHO and the pandemic”, and you are all welcome to participate and engage. For forthcoming sessions, please consult the full programme.
    Registration is free, following this link:

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Marburg,

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