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      FRIAS Lunch Lectures Winter Term 2020/21 – Starting 5 November 2020, 12.15 pm- 1.00 pm

      Dear FRIAS Fellows, dear FRIAS Alumnae and Alumni,

      dear FRIAS Community, dear Colleagues,

      dear Students,

      with this announcement, we would like to draw your attention to the virtual FRIAS Lunch Lecture Series 2020/21 on

      Multidisciplinary Research on Resilience: Examples from Theory and Practice

      Organised by the current FRIAS Research Focus Building and Researching Resilience in the Environmental Humanities, bi-weekly on Thursdays, 12.15 pm- 1.00 pm, affiliated researchers offer 25 minute lectures for students and the (University) public, followed by about 20 minutes of discussion.

      All lectures will be accessible via Zoom. To join the meetings, please use the following login data:

      Meeting-ID: 822 8751 6507

      Password: 467865



      5 Nov 2020
      Roderich von Detten (Forestry Economics, Freiburg):
      “Resisting“, „Reorganizing“ and „Maintaining” – Origins and Dimensions of Socio-ecological Resilience

      19 Nov 2020
      Kate Rigby (Environmental Humanities, Bath):
      ‚Daily Bread‘: Resilience, Religion and the Arts
      3 Dec 2020

      Stefan Kaufmann (Sociology, Freiburg):
      Societal Resilience. On the Ambivalences of a Concept

      17 Dec 2020
      Luisa Cortesi (Anthropology, Rotterdam):
      Amphibious Omens: Adapting to Dangerous Wetness

      14 Jan 2021
      Philippe Hamman (Sociology) & Aurélie Choné (Literature and Cultural Studies, Strasbourg): Concepts, Discourses and Uses of Resilience in Literary and Social Science Studies

      28 Jan 2021
      Patrick Sakdapolrak (Human Geography, Vienna):
      Translocal Resilience. Environmental Change, Migration and Social Resilience in Rural Thailand.

      11 Feb 2021
      Ingo Krossing (Chemistry, Freiburg):
      Resilience in Chemical Systems and Processes

      For more information on the FRIAS Lunch Lectures and an abstract of the current series, please visit our website.

      With best regards,

      Verena Schröter & the FRIAS Research Focus

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